Our Story

A world rich in music, colour, and culture for our young ones to live in

As parents ourselves, we understand the desire to make our children’s lives as rich and as fulfilling as possible!

In 2016, we kept this in mind when designing our best-selling Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record sound book and ended up creating something that educated children through sight and sound while inspiring a love for local Southeast Asian culture.

Fast forward to today, the success of Rasa Sayang has inspired us to create even more immersive children's books that incorporate exciting visuals and catchy sing-along tunes—all touching on topics such as vocabulary, numbers, and cultural lessons.

We want every book we design to be a meaningful addition to any kids' activity, encouraging an early love for reading and singing as they discover the world around them in the most captivating way possible!

Read, sing, and learn wherever you go!

Children learn best when they’re having fun, and fewer things grab the attention of a child better than a great tune to sing along to. We design all baba baa children’s books to become auditory learning experiences that kids and parents can enjoy always!

The littlest learners..

The first year of a child’s development will see them rapidly absorbing the world that surrounds them. As they try to come to terms with basic motor skills and make sense of sensory input and output, their time will be preoccupied by vivid colours, attention-grabbing visuals, interesting sounds, and other objects they can physically interact with. baba baa’s children’s books will help them get acquainted with basic objects including shapes and colours while serenading them with catchy tunes and lyrics as they prepare to speak their first words.

.. become quick absorbers..

From the ages of 2 to 4, a child has more energy and begins to master speech and motor skills while also learning repetition and memorization. Our books can be used as great kids’ activity tools that will teach them natural musical pitch through singing songs, as well as making sense of their surroundings by connecting their words to pictures.


.. who can’t wait to discover the world!

From 5 to 6 and onwards, a child has plenty of energy, even more curiosity, and the appetite for accomplishment. With baba baa’s children’s books, young readers can find a sense of achievement by singing and recording their own renditions of nursery rhymes and lullabies—something they can proudly show to their parents, while the informational trivia in each book answers all the “why’s” they have regarding each topic!

Make the most of the early years!

Our children’s books are specially crafted for young ones under six years, with every detail assembled to deliver an experience that is fun and engaging whilst also being beneficial for educational development.