A Gift of Love Gift Box


Our precious gift box consists of 3 delightful sound books that are perfect for learning and entertainment for the little ones! 

Press-and-Learn 1-10 with Wacky Animals and Fruits in English Malay Chinese

This interactive trilingual sound book can be used as an effective tool to teach your child math literacy and language in stages. 

It is perfect for teaching your child numbers 1-10 in a most unique way. Each number is highlighted in a fun rhyming sentence, showcasing nouns, prepositions and verbs that will enrich your child’s language developmental journey.

Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book

Watch as your child’s eyes light up to the sound of traditional folk songs and enter into a whole new world of interaction as they learn to record their own sing-along version. The Rasa Sayang Children Fun Book includes:

  • a ‘play’ mode for pre-recorded songs
  • a ‘record’ mode for interactive play
  • a 'playback' mode to play your recording. 

Songs include - Rasa Sayang, Chan Mali Chan, Burung Kakak Tua, Anak Itik Tok Wi, Bengawan Solo, Lenggang Kangkung, Gelang Sipaku Gelang

Specially wrapped with love, this gift box is a perfect gift for your little ones to press, learn and sing away throughout the year!