A Fun Way For Your Kids To Learn!

Are you sick of your kids having too much screen time? Tired of having to think of creative win-win situation to keep them occupied? And looking for ways for them to learn effectively? At baba baa, we help parents teach their kids foundational skills.

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‘This is a GREAT gift for any parent with young children. My late father used to sing these songs to me as a child... And now i can do so with my kids!’

Harith Iskandar

"Beautifully illustrated, I think the book is great to get toddlers and preschoolers interested in the beauty of other languages besides their mother-tongue. It's excellent for parents like me who can't pronounce certain Mandarin words correctly. I'm learning alongside with my children"

Michelle Hon @thechilledmom

Highly recommended

My son loves it so much.
He is two years old now and he can sing all the songs in the book.
Awsome product.
If you would like to have an idea to buy a present to your child, this will be a great option.